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Air National Guard A-10 Thunderbolt II "Warthog" Crash Info



       Co Rt 30A Barn Fire  53 Pics average file size is 92K

On 6/2/08 The Williamstown Fire Department was dispatched for a reported barn fire 50 feet from a Residence. First Arriving Chief Zahn 30-0-1, reported a working fire with the rear of the barn on fire, requested the first engine 30-4-1, Capt Britton, to enter from Rt 13 and lay a 5" line from the water source. Units pulled a 2-1/2" and 2" to attack the fire under the direction of Operations Chief Connor 30-0-3. Automatic mutual began arriving from Altmar, Orwell and West Amboy. Orwell finished the 5" lay and Altmar pumped the line from the water source. With efficient water usage and team work the fire was held with tanker water until the LDH was established and the fire was then extinguished. Exposures on the Alpha and Bravo Sides were protected and a Small Grass fire on the B/C corner was extinguished. Also on scene was OS400 and NOCA Ambulance. There were no reported injuries.

       Mutual Aid Structure Fire - Florence  23 Pics average file size is 110K

On 4/19/08 while returning to service from a grass fire and holding a day long fundraiser we were dispatched to respond Mutual Aid to Parish for a Large Outdoor fire. Seconds after sending apparatus and manpower towards Parish we received a telephone call for a possible structure fire in neighboring Onieda County. Oswego and Onieda County dispatch was notified smoke was visible from our station. Our Crews headed for Parish rerouted to the structure fire. Upon the arrival of the first arriving Chief we were confrontied with a garage and truck fully involved, Bravo exposure (Large Barn) staring on fire, Delta exposure (House) with fire extending up the siding to the attice and Charlie Exposure (large field fire) quickly extending towards the woodline. Williamstown first hit the strucutre with a deckgun to knock down the fire and followed with an interior crew to check for extention. Camden Took the Bravo Exposure, Multiple brush units took the field fire. With hard work the Bravo and Delta Exposures were saved. During this fire the Large Parish fire continued to burn, another large grass fire started in West Amboy. Oswego County activated departments on the western part of the County to move brush truck to the central part of the County for coverage. The Florence fire resulted in department responding from as far away as Altmar/Orwell/Redfield in Oswego County and Sylvan Beach/Lake Delta/Taberg from Oneida County. This large incident was contained and extiguished with great team work from all during extream heat. There were not reported injuries.

       Co Rt 30 Structure Fire  15 Pics average file size is 33K

On 2/08 we received a call for a possible structure fire. A neighbor called to report the fire. This pictures are what the first arriving Chief was confronted with. While Williamstown had 2 engine crews and a tanker drive and 2 mutual aid departments also had crews in house the structure was lost.  Factors in extinguishing the fire were a strong wind blowing the fire through the structure, a heavy fire load near the origin of the fire and the delay in detecting the fire. Asst Chief Zahn was Command, Asst. Chief Connor was Operations with mutual aid help from Altmar, Camden, Orwell, Redfield and West Amboy. Due to the length of the driveway, Large Diameter Hose was laid in by the first due engine and West Amboy's engine fed that from the road. Fire Attack was made with 2 2-1/2" lines backed up with 2 2" lines and a Blitzfire.

        New Rescue Post Paint Pictures  29 Pics average file size is 70K

                On 3/1/05 we placed into service our new heavy rescue, this unit is a great improvement to our department and community.

        New Rescue Pre-Paint Inspection 11 Pics average file size is 40K

On 12/3/04 several members of the WVFD traveled down to the 4 Guys Factory in PA for a pre paint inspection of our new Heavy Rescue to be delivered the end of Jan 05.

        Structure Fire St Rt 13  11  Pics average file size is 40K    -   UPDATED 2-25/05

A Garage fire attached to a 2 story structure originally called in as a possible garage fire. Bulk of the fire was knocked down in 10 min with Blitz line.  Our initial crew made a great hit and stopped the fire from entering the attached residence.

It was brought to my attention that the pictures don't really show the Great save that we made so here are a couple extra photos to show the entire structure.  After snow melts in June I will get some more pictures of the aftermath.

Controlled Burn Co Rt 13 Lakewood Products 54 Pics average file size is 10K

Assisting the land owner in removing several hazardous structures from the site.

Controlled Burn Co Rt 183 with West Amboy 35 Pics average file size is 17K

Removal of an unused house and creation of some open space. The house was used for training in ventilation and search and rescue for several nights prior to the burn.

Controlled Burn Wheeler Drive 45 Pics average file size is 15K

A house donated to the Fire Department for Training purposes and to create room for a new house..

Controlled Burn of Trailer with Additions

The structure was abandoned for several years when purchased thru tax auction, the new land owner asked the WVFD to assist in clearing the structure from the site.

Controlled Burn Large structure Damaged by Previous Fire.

The building originally caught fire earlier this spring. Upon arrival of first the Chief smoke was showing from the 2nd floor middle apartment. Do to several remodeling, fire spread quickly throughout the rear half of the structure via false ceilings and walls. Two of five apartments were saved from the blaze. The structure originally a single family residence, was the home of the Greenview Nursing Home and after a period of no occupancy converted into 5 apartments of unusual configurations. The building was 99 years old when it originally caught fire. The WVFD was contracted to burn the remaining structure by the landowner per the Code Enforcement Officers request to have the site cleaned up.

The set up started at 5:30 am and the first fire lit at 6:15 am. The building was down and we were clear at 9:30am. Seven departments including one aerial, one 1500' 5" line, one 1800' line of 5" and a 3 truck tanker shuttle were used to keep the heat from damaging nearby structures across the street and to save the big maple tree next to the building. Both task were accomplished. There were 5 live fire training episodes involving 1 attack crew, 1 back up crew, 1 safety crew along and 2 interior safety officers. The trainings were cut short and the building lit because of thunderstorms in the area.

Construction of Pole Barn

These pictures were taken while members of the department constructed and addition to our Field Day Pole Barn, which houses all of the stands for the annual fundraiser. The building was originally constructed when the department moved the field days to its current location. The building was several decades old and modified several times. Around 1995 a section of the building collapsed under the weight of the northeast snow, despite several work details to clear the snow. That section of the building was replaced with new construction. In 1998, the remaining part of the old structure was removed and we expanded the new construction to over double its size. At this time a new 400amp electrical service was installed.

Controlled Burn of Run Down Trailer with Additions

The owner of the property asked the Fire Department to remove the structure in preparation for the set up of a newer trailer.


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