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Williamstown Fire Department

P.O. 168 575 Main Street
Williamstown, New York 13493

WFD Mascot WFD Patch

The Williamstown Fire Department is located on State Route 13 in the town of Williamstown. We operate 5 pieces of equipment from one station with a roster of 60 volunteers.
Our roster is consist of 38 Fire Fighter coats, 20 EMS Personnel and Apprentice coats and 2 Photographers. We cover 42 square miles and a population of 1,350 people.



Williamston Station and


2017 Field Day's

Fireman's Prayer

Fireman's Wish

DIAL 911

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This site is dedicated to the Life Members of the WVFD.

The Web Site Designed and Maintained by Ralph Connor, member since 11/86.

Last updated on 8/3/17