Retired Apparatus



1973 Haun Purchased used from the Moyer Corners Fire Department (New York) in 2000. 4-1 had a complete refurbishing in 1993 by Moyers Corners. 4-1 was our second due for structure fires and primary for mutual aid calls for most its life. For saftey reasons during the winter months we ran the 96 Four Guys for Mutual Aid. It was first due for MVA's. While in service this peice was a great asset to the department and was well liked by the members, except for possibly the LOUD Detroit engine.


73 haun 30-4-1


1983 Ford with a Panel body was purchased new and modified by a body shop in Jordan New York. This rescue was the third new piece purchased by the department. It went thru a complete refurbish in 1992 and at that time rollup doors were added. It carried medical supplies for EMS runs, 4 SCBA, 15 spare SCBA bottles, hydraulic and hand extrication equipment and cribbing, 5kw generator, four 500 watt scene lights and 200 foot power reel. This truck was one of the first in the area that allowed for a crew to arrive on a scene fully packed and ready to go straight off the truck. It was replaced in January 2005 with the 2005 Freightliner Heavy Rescue.

  83 Ford 30-6-183 Ford 30-6-183 Ford 30-6-1


1979 Mack Purchased used from Vernon Center in 1995. Was a 2500 gallon Tanker caring a 2500 gal port-a-tank. This tanker was the first one man operation tanker that we had. It included quick dumps of both sides and the rear of the truck and could empty its contents in under a minute.  It was replaced by the 96 Freightliner with 2001 tanker body in 2003 with help from the Assistance to Fire Fighters Grant through FEMA.

79 Mack 30-5-1

1969 Haun Purchased used from the Moyer Corners Fire Department (New York) in 1989. It was the first diesel engine owned by the department. It was replaced in the spring of 2000 with it sister truck (1973) also purchased from Moyers Corners FD.

69 Haun 30-4-1 69 Haun 30-4-1

1979 Ford Front Mount Pumper (2nd New Engine) Retired in 1997. Dedicated in the memory of Herbert Starring. Retired in 1996 with purchase of 1996 Central States.

79 Ford 30-2-1

1966 Ford Front Mount Pumper (1st New Engine) Placed in reserve in 1995.Retired in 1996 with purchase of 1996 Central States.

 66 Ford 30-4-1, 30-4-3

1965 International Tanker 2500 Gal. Purchased from Cleveland Fire Department (New York) in 1987. Retired in 1996 when 1979 Mack was placed in service.

65 International 30-5-1 65 International 30-5-1

1963 Haun purchased from Moyers Corners Fire Department (New York) in 1988. Retired in 1996 with purchase of 1996 Central States.

63 Haun 30-4-2

1959 Ford Front Mount 500 GPM Pumper with 800 gallon of water purchased from Hastings Fire Department (New York) in 1976. Phased out with purchase of 1979 Ford.

1953 Ford Tanker was our first tanker with a 800 gallon tank and a 750 gpm self driven pump and a wopping 2-1/2” quick dump with a threaded gate, retired with the purchase of the 1965 International

1944 Chevy 500 GPM Pumper with 500 Water. Replaced by the 1959 Ford Front Mount, unit is still owned by Williamstown Fire Department in hopes of a refurbish. It served as Parade Truck for many years. It was the 1st apparatus owned by the Department and acquired through Army Surplus.

and a Panel Van of unknown vintage that was also phased out with the purchase of the 1979 Ford Pumper, it was sold to Herbert Starring.



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